At Last! Sales ROI From Social Media...

Protect Your Reputation Against Negative Viral Commentary

Easily manage vast numbers of mentions, comments & tweets!

Social media marketing must do at least four things:

  • Get a Return on Investment (ROI) from social media marketing,

  • Rapidly respond to negative social comments. Corporate reputation that has taken years to build can quickly plummet when online negative commentary goes viral,

  • Manage the vast number of social mentions such as Facebook wall comments and tweets made about your company, marketplace, and competitors.

  • Discover the "Total Universe" of your marketplace.

Persuasionworks social media software does all four and is easy to use. It is social management plus a complete social monitoring system that lets you discover virtually everything being said about your company, marketplace, and competitors.

The system continuously searches the "total universe" of your prospects' online space. You can discovers 'top influences' in your marketplace who you can then set out to influence and persuade towards your particular products or services.

Then in turn, those top influencers influence other members of the social group!


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