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Google earnings for 2013 are on target to reach $55 to 60 billion - mostly derived from Pay-per-Click ads. Merchants buy PPC ads because it works to quickly bring in leads and sales.

Many merchants outsource their PPC marketing because it's considered too complex. It isn't! If you use software to manage the ever changing PPC landscape it’s relatively easy.

Your Persuasionworks account includes bid management software and so most of your PPC marketing becomes 'set and forget'. You won’t lose money if you make the proper settings.  

In addition, the system is 'product specific' - you can track specific products for unparalleled PPC analytics. For example, if your ads result in an item being ‘sold out’ and your inventory is at ‘0’ then ads for that product stop automatically. No more wasted money and no more irate customers. 

Another example: Your ads can be time specific – ads stop the moment a promotion ends. This ensures accurate advertising and increases customer confidence in your company.

The software includes a robust and accurate analytics engine. Split testing is a breeze. Results highlight the opportunities and weaknesses of your PPC campaigns. For example, easily make ‘cost-by-engine’ comparisons to adjust bidding strategy and ad placement.

If your ads produce lots of clicks but few sales – you’ll want to know about this immediately!

Configure all sorts of alerts including bidding, traffic, cost, or conversion thresholds. 

You can look across the internet and you won’t find a leads generation and PPC Sales Engine as powerful as Persuasionworks!

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