Seamless Customer Management (CRM)

Track Everything They Do & Say...

From The Moment They Enter Your Website, Every Page, Interaction, eMail, Through To Sales, Service, & Support - You'll Know Everything About An Individual Customer!

Online marketing can bring a huge number of leads to your business. But there’s little point in marketing if you don’t have a system to manage incoming prospects, sales, after-sales, and support.

Persuasionworks provides seamless tracking and management that is integrated throughout your marketing, sales, and business process.   

The system reports what you earned from each lead and campaign so you instantly know which campaigns are profitable, and which need more tweaking.


Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing campaigns are one of the easiest ways to convert leads to customers and Persuasionworks eMail Marketer is embedded into the system.

Most CRMs require you to purchase eMail Marketing as a separate item. Often these two pieces of software are incompatible. Now you can easily use eMail to automatically send messages to educate prospects about your products and services.


Sales Automation

Persuasionworks improves profits by automating your prospect, sales, and business process. The key sales automation management modules include: Leads, Opportunity, Account, and Contacts, plus Sales Pipeline, Forecasting, and Analytics.

All of these modules are included at no extra cost!


Lead Management

Integrated management means leads are always followed up and never “slip through the cracks.”

After prospects enter their details the data is automatically transferred to the CRM ensuring all leads are organized and followed-up. The system easily identifies high-value leads for you. Focus your resources on leads that are most likely to convert.

Organize, track, and follow up with leads automatically:

  • Track links - see how many times a link was clicked, by whom, and whether the click resulted in a sale or other action!

  • Include social media icons in your emails and encourage users to share your content on Facebook and Twitter.

  • Discover the characteristics of prospects who are most likely to convert.

Account Management

Once a lead is interested in your products or services you can track all sales opportunities end-to-end in your sales cycle. Never miss a chance to engage, offer information, and follow up.

Track customer purchase history to identify patterns and opportunities for upselling and cross-selling. All data for each customer account is centralized. See information at a glance, including eMails, documents, quotes, invoices, and orders. Easily track all contacts and related opportunities, cases, activities, and other details.


Calendar and Activity Management

  • Add all your important customer-related eMails to the CRM for quick future reference.

  • Store all the details of customer meetings and calls in an intuitive calendar.

  • Manage daily tasks to have a streamlined sales process.

Customer Portals

Manage your prospects and customers with individual password-protected customized portal. Save time and communicate more efficiently from one place for all your support, document sharing, knowledge base access, invoices, quotes, product and service details.

You can easily customize the CRM to suit your own business model.


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