Prospect Segmentation

Best Kept Online Secret!

How To Get Into the 'Mind' Of Your Prospects...

Find Emotional Benefits in Keyword Segments

Different groups of searchers use different language and keywords to find what they want in the search engines. The intention of each search is different and each segment responds differently. There is a “conversation behind the keywords” going on in the prospect's mind.

Persuasionworks’ prospect segmentation provides deep insights into online markets. We identify the keywords in a marketplace and connect keywords to segments.

You can dig deep into each segment’s motivation and identify the powerful emotional benefits that cause them to buy.

Search-to-Sales Continuum

A market’s search-to-sale continuum is the inquiry progression searchers use to meet a need or desire. Prospect segmentation helps pinpoint the information each segment wants, in what order, and the keywords associated with each search phase.

With this information, you can educate prospects about how your business meets their needs. When you give prospects ultra-relevant content you in effect “take prospects off the market.” Converting “pre-buyers” into buyers is a process often ignored by web businesses. By educating prospects, you build relationships with them.

And relationships lead to sales! Now you can tap into the searcher / prospect mindset - for dramatic sales results.

Link Product Features with Emotional Benefits

Prospect Segmentation helps to link the features of your product with emotional benefits that trigger sales. This is one of the best kept secrets of online selling:

You can discover these product features and emotional benefits links when you conduct Prospect Segmentation on your market prospects.

Get ahead and stay in front of your competition!

Easy Sales Copy

Use the same segment-specific approach to create sales copy and web site content.

For example, create a video product that includes the features and benefits desired by each segment - or alternatively, you may choose to create multiple products and focus each one on the needs of a different market segment.

Personalize your sales process to “call out” to each segment by highlighting the benefits they want.

Reach each segment by advertising or ranking on the keywords that individual segments search on. In this way you boost sales by targeting the benefits each segment wants!

Priority of Needs

Persuasionworks' surveys also assist you to discover the priority of needs for each segment in the market - plus the level of importance they place on different features.

Different groups in your market desire features in a different order of priority. Persuasionworks helps identify the segments in a market based on the priority of desired features. The features desired and their order of priority is what initially defines a segment.

Thus, you’ll know how best to organize your product and sales marketing.

Use the Searcher's Own Language

Persuasionworks surveys assist in finding the language each segment uses. We help you write persuasive marketing copy that immediately gets attention.

Highlight consumers’ most-desired features and benefits, using their own words. This is incredibly powerful for writing persuasive copy. The prospect segmentation process helps in defining sales copy headlines. it takes the guesswork out of writing copy!

Now you can state your content, marketing messages, and sales persuasion triggers in highly relevant language used by each particular segment.

Content and PPC Pathways

We'll help you create different segment “content pathways” on your site that educate each segment about how to meet their specific needs.

You'll know which segment is associated with any given keyword in your market. This means you can keyword-target your Pay-per-Click (PPC) ads and organic search results specifically to each segment!

We'll work with you to create PPC ads using keywords that target particular segments. When you partner each segment with a sales process targeted to that segment, you’ll be amazed at the higher sales conversion you can achieve.

Discover Market Gaps

Often searchers take surveys because they are unable to find the information or product they need. This is one way a business can discover the “market gaps” that searchers are willing to pay for.

Willingness to take a survey is directly proportional to willingness to buy.

If searchers CANNOT find the desired information or features they want, then this indicates a direction you can go.

This is a powerful way to define a Unique Selling Proposition (USP) and set yourself apart from competitors with exclusive “must buy” features and benefits.

As your knowledge of the online market increases, your segmentation becomes more and more effective as a sales and product creation tool.

Be informed! Your prospects will love your products because you're giving them what they have already told you they want!

Why Buyers Buy Online!

Why do online buyers buy? Research and psychology provide tested and proven answers.

All purchases are the result of an emotional need and prospects meet this need with action – by buying products. Buyers buy products to feel good about themselves.

Prospect segmentation helps you locate the triggers that enhance your prospects' self-esteem through online surveys, keyword research, and prospect segmentation.

You don't need to spend years studying the psychology of why prospects buy – you can simply exploit the latest online segmentation and sales methodologies.

Contextual Associations

The great way to activate buying emotions is to ensure your online marketing triggers associations in the buyer’s mind. The internet is a perfect medium to present contextual associations. These associations are not stated openly but are ‘picked up’ - somewhat like an incomplete thought - and the idea unconsciously completed by prospects.

The internet is a great medium to control context. Prospect segmentation helps to find these contextual associations - which then also helps support your marketing message and enhance the persuasion process.

Keeping Hyper-Responsives Happy

A Persuasionworks survey and subsequent statistical analysis helps businesses discover the most “hyper-responsive” segments in a market.

These segments often account for up to 90% of sales! Don't waste time and effort on low-response segments.

Increase profits by meeting the needs of hyper-responsives. Target hyper-responsives in your advertising, develop products to meet their needs, and give them excellent service and support.

No Marketing Guesswork!

Segmentation has proved a huge problem for online marketers. Many use guesswork as a form of segmentation. For example, in a 'how to' product they may target "newbie", "beginner", "Intermediate", "expert" and so on.

No more guesswork! Persuasionworks' Prospect Segmentation helps you easily find your market segments.

CHAID & Cluster Analysis

The service includes advanced CHAID & Cluster Analysis of the various segments in your market.


Persuasionworks offers a full Prospect Segmentation service.

Customers meet the cost of online ad disbursements as an additional charge.

To reduce your costs, we will manage the PPC bidding process or you can use the software to manage your own bidding - see PPC Bid Management.

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