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Pay-per-Click (PPC) is one of the best ways to get qualified leads that make sales. PPC Management

We use our Marketing Spy to give you an unfair advantage. The software analyses ANY marketplace to superfine granularity.

We obtain clear and proven data before we suggest keywords for your PPC campaigns. We then place and manage your PPC bids.

Our PPC Management terms clearly state what we will do for you. Easily check lead generation results via our PPC Analytics or at your Persuasionworks Control Panel. We continually liaise with you to obtain the best ROI on your PPC Lead Generation.

Our PPC teams continually research and adjust our PPC methods and we constantly keep up with changes that Google and other engines make to their PPC requirements.

See Marketing Spy for more information.

Month 1: PPC Setup Plus Instant Leads

PPC Management
If you are a Persuasionworks software client the Bid Management % is deducted - thus saving you 4%.   
From $0 - $10,000 ad spend per month 10% management fee (min. $495 per/m)
From $10,001- $20,000 ad spend per month
8% management fee (min. $495 per/m)
Above $20,000 ad spend per month Please contact us.
 Keyword Research  
 Ad Group  
 Ad Text  
 Budget Analysis  
 Tracking Code  
 Search Network  
 Geo Targeting  
 Google Analytics  
 GA & Adwords  
 Display Network  
 Image Ads  
 Keyword Matching  
 Bid Management  
 Split Testing  
 Funnel Analysis  
 Conversion Tracking  

Month 2 and Following ...

 Bid Management  
 Keyword Expansion  
 Search Network  
 Display Network  
 Funnel Analysis  
 Conversion Tracking  
 Constant Reports


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