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Keyword Research: Many sites get all their search traffic from branded keywords, such as the company name. When a searcher searches a brand name, the search engine returns the site on page one - whether the site is optimized or not!

If your traffic is mostly 'branded', your business is missing a huge opportunity to properly capture online prospects.

In order to expand your market, you need to reach searchers who are NOT familiar with your business, or have not thought of your brand as a solution. You reach these prospects through unbranded keywords!

Persuasionworks uses new Keyword Research methods to give you keywords that are PROVEN winners in your marketplace. We systematically and scientifically find the most relevant unbranded keywords to help you attract new targeted visitors. Quickly become an attractive magnet for thousands of new prospects you never knew were out there.

Keyword Blueprints

We liaise with you to match keyword data to the strategic direction of your business.Our proprietary system - Marketing Spy - then researches the full range of terms used by searchers within a marketplace. This research enables a business to properly position itself for high traffic in ANY market or niche.

Before we research in depth, we consider the keywords you already use and we also provide you with a range of keywords related to your market. Our research outlines the cost and competitiveness of dominating each of the themes you want to optimize for.

You can then make an informed decision about where you want to position yourself in your market plus the themes you want us to investigate further. After you have selected your themes we conduct detailed Keyword Research. Our research uncovers keywords that are economically PROVEN as successful PPC keywords. For SEO we also provide scientifically derived $ values of each keyword researched.

The resulting Keyword Blueprint provides a complete roadmap to optimize your website to dominate your market for PPC, SEO, and Social Media.


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