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The human mind cannot know all the keywords being used in an online marketplace. Thus a business must select keywords by considering a huge range of keywords used within a market. This can only be done through scientifically-based research coordinated with a company's strategic direction. Persuasionworks provides one of the highest and most accurate degrees of Keyword Research. Deep links are links that point to pages in a website other than the home page. A high deep links percentage makes the domain more competitive. However, our research shows that a siloed site generally needs 10 times fewer links to achieve the same ranking as a non-siloed competitor. Generally, only about 1% or fewer of competitors in a market are siloed and this provides excellent opportunities for business websites.Inbound links are important for assessing competition but our research shows that a siloed site generally needs 10 times fewer links to achieve the same ranking as a non-siloed competitor. Only about 1% or fewer competitors in a market are siloed. This provides excellent opportunities for business websites.Many businesses use social media in the wrong way and for the wrong reasons. It's important to define your social media goals so they fit your wider strategic thrust. Don’t squander your marketing efforts in the wrong social platform.  Persuasionworks offers social media research to help businesses define their social media goals.Social media encompass a vast range of different sites. Our software enables YOUR prospects and customers to use one click to connect with 20+ major social sites. This facility gives you a vast range of social data you can use for marketing. At the very least, a blog on your business site is very useful as a social interaction and persuasion tool.Many marketers look at “Competing Pages” to determine if they should market on a particular keyword.   This is NOT a good guide to research keywords. Persuasionworks uses “Competing Pages” as only one of many research variables such as choosing a parent theme for a silo / synonymic set.The number of searchers in a marketplace is not a good guide for market viability. Persuasionworks uses complex algorithms to determine profit and growth potential of particular markets, niches, and right down to a single keyword.Google’s goal is always to deliver relevance to searchers. Google does this by looking for sites that demonstrate expertise across a range of themes in a topic. Google determines what themes are most relevant to a topic by scanning its index of “authority sites” and working out which themes have high “co-occurrence” (terms that are frequently talked about together on the same page).  Co-occurrence is a percentage that reflects the number of “conversations” in your market that mention certain keywords together.  Covering your market’s themes more comprehensively than your competitors is absolutely crucial for high rankings.It make no sense to spend money and time creating a website and sales process and then find out there's no online market for your product. Our proprietary system quickly discovers if a particular online market is a dud or has good profit and growth potential.It's a common mistake to confuse traffic with money. The best money indicator is Cost-per-Click (CPC) - a business will not continue paying for clicks if there's no return on expenditure.  Thus a high CPC is good evidence of buyers in a market.To assess a money market you must identify every important keyword in the market with its cost and traffic, average the Cost-per-Click, and multiply by the total searches for each keyword. Without software this is extremely time-consuming. Persuasionworks quickly assesses the worth of a market or niche - right down to a single keyword.Until recently, it was impossible to calculate accurately whether a keyword was likely to bring in buyers. Persuasionworks proprietary system shows - via easy to read graphics - if a particular keyword (or group of keywords) is likely to convert into sales.The process of comparing viable market niches is extremely time-consuming. Persuasionworks does these complex calculations very quickly. The system offers a number of ways to compare the value of keywords and markets. This value is measured in dollars and is designed to help businesses with their strategic determinations.Persuasionworks provides crucial data for determining whether there are actual buyers in a market. Some markets appear profitable because they have large numbers of searches, but it's important to look deeper to determine if the traffic can be monetized. Persuasionworks considers a number of key underlying factors to accurately pinpoint financial potential.At Persuasionworks we research themes rather than individual keywords. Our tests show that designing theme-based - rather than keyword-based – websites have dramatic rankings results. Theme-based optimization can boost rankings relatively quickly. A very large number of website marketers, in fact the vast majority, still use the old keyword-based system so this presents good opportunities for businesses.Theme-based optimization is meant to mimic the thinking and language patterns of real human subject matter experts. At Persuasionworks we don’t simply provide you with a long list of keywords to use on your website. We blend our keywords and themes after careful consultation with you to determine your business and marketing objectives.It’s always helpful to “ladder” product offerings on the internet. In this way, you can create a continuous buying stream from prospects. This is especially relevant when a business obtains leads through PPC. That process is expensive and it’s prudent to get as many sales as possible from captured prospects.Our system continually tests, tracks, and optimizes your business website's keywords and themes. Keep your website fresh and up-to-date. Discover and monitor keywords and all the conversations occurring in your market. The system makes theme and keyword marketing a breeze.These are business / marketing points in a typical business website. Our system software makes these tasks easier for you.It's helpful to maintain strategy documents which you can use to test progress and measure website and marketing improvements.At these points your business has to make a strategic decision.Sub-reports provided by Persuasionworks.Research conducted by Persuasionworks.These are business / marketing points in a typical business website.It's helpful to maintain strategy documents so as to test progress and measure website and marketing improvements.At these points your business has to make a strategic decision.Sub-Reports provided by PersuasionworksResearch conducted by Persuasionworks.Use our software to analyse and improve all your marketing– online and offline. Analytics occurs in five major areas: (i) Business financials, (ii) Paid Promotion (PPC) / Offline Ads, (iii) Organic Search Engine Promotion, (iv) Social Media Marketing, (v) Sales Leads and Sales Process. It is important to test, track, and optimize all your paid advertising - online and offline. Persuasionworks makes ads ROI measurement super easy. You’ll know exactly where changes need to be made. You never need to guess. Alternatively, we’ll manage all your PPC campaigns through various bidding strategies you choose.Social media requires specific types of analytics. Analyse your social marketplace as a whole then use the Persuasionworks system to assess lead-to-lead analysis on each and every prospect or mass prospects you have captured through social media.Prospects buy from people they know and trust and can have a “conversation”. We are all interactive social beings, and the internet reflects this with the huge popularity of social sites. Take advantage by placing your message in social sites.  Our software helps you easily set up social networks and/or connect to popular social networks to then capture, manage, and segment all leads obtained.Almost all of your website building and marketing efforts will culminate at customer face-to-face meetings or at online sales pages or eCommerce portals.A crucial element of online sales process is implementing an appropriate sequence of email messages to prospects. Our software includes an integrated eMail Marketer. It's easy to create, send, and manage customized emails that can be used on a per-customer basis or as auto-responders to mass opt-in mailings. The system manages the entire inflow and outflow of leads, through to sales conversions and through after-sales communications.The system makes sales leads / sales process analysis and improvement a breeze. All businesses need to assess their profit systems. Where needed, a business must redefine its online goals so that profit streams are maintained and enhanced.  Our system makes it easy to know the bottom line. Analytics tells you how much revenue each lead brings in and from which marketing effort. Reports include: Return on Investment, Return on Advertising Spent, Cost-per-Acquisition, Revenue, Expense, Profit – to mention just a few. There’s little point in marketing unless you can understand ALL of the processes in your sales funnel.  Our software manages way past simple conversions. The engine associates data with each campaign and combines financials, sales metrics, and web metrics. Discover everything you need to know about each web-generated lead – where they found you (referrer), what they are interested in (browsing path), how interested they are (number of page-views), how long they have been looking at your company (repeat visits) and so on. You can also track and manage non-web generated leads e.g. phone contacts.To rank high in the search engines, a business must create themed and siloed educative websites and social networks. Use your Keyword Masterplan to structure your website with proper linking and correctly named folders, files. This increases relevancy which attracts both high rankings and then searchers. Your process must manage all leads captured. Our system provides an enterprise level of lead capture, segmentation, and management.Discover how much social influence your competitors REALLY have.Learn which social networks your competitors are active on, and which they may be missing out on.Uncover the conversations taking place about your competitors - and use them to effectively highlight your own unique benefits.It's very handy to maintain a social profile of your prospects. This helps you focus your marketing message towards the right buyers.It’s also prudent to keep an eye on your competitors’ keywords and themes. They may in fact begin to use themes and silo structures on their websites and thus you may need to adjust your Keyword Masterplan to compensate for their new thrust.In every marketplace there are a number of ‘experts’ in the field that the search engines consider as ‘authorities’.  It’s prudent to discover who these authorities are and to analyse their keyword phrases and themes.  In this way you can ensure that your keywords and themes are going to be in the search engines’ algorithmic parameters.Possible Alliances? Competition research often throws up other businesses that are a good fit as a business ally.Persuasionworks software helps you keep a close eye on all price changes in your marketplace and your entire range of products. Set up email alerts so you can instantly deal with price variations. Persuasionworks' software helps you keep a close eye on all products offered by your competitors. You don’t need to have a roomful of staff monitoring your competitors’ products.Define the key goals your business wants to achieve online.There are many ways to promote your business but online you must do so constantly. The internet is a medium where fresh and constant content is always sought and valued - whether as blogs, videos, articles, PR, and PPC ads. At Persuasionworks we can do this for you or our White Papers outline a number of ways you can constantly promote your business online.In assessing search engine competition, we use a large number of criteria. Our reports also assess the sites that ACTUALLY control the money in any cluster of keywords. In addition, our algorithms determine the amount of UNREALIZED POTENTIAL in a whole marketplace, niche, or right down to a single keyword.The human mind cannot know all of the keywords being used in an online marketplace. A business website must select keywords by considering a huge range of keywords used in a market. This can only be done through scientifically-based research that is coordinated with a company's strategic direction. Persuasionworks provides one of the highest and most accurate degrees of Keyword Research. Many search optimizers simply look at the top 10 Google results of a keyword, reverse engineer what’s been done to rank high, and then present that as their SEO suggestions.  This tactic is dangerous. Most websites use outdated rather than theme based SEO. They rank high because no other business in that marketplace has adopted the new methods. Persuasionworks can easily reverse engineer your competition if you wish – but our SEO methods go far beyond this particular tactic.Persuasionworks’ software monitors a vast range of social media outlets including:  news, blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, forums and much more!A social media marketing strategy is a “must have” component of internet marketing. Whether your goal is more sales, traffic, or authority in your market, an effective social media strategy can make it happen.It’s always helpful to place all of your social media strategies in one blueprint.  In this way you can document, evolve, and measure your progress.Our keyword research results in a Keyword Masterplan. The blueprint includes: (i) A parent theme (or themes) plus related keywords; (ii) Silos plus related keywords that support the parent theme; and (iii) Article level keywords plus related keywords that support each silo theme. In a large market we also provide subthemes. Use the Masterplan to build the themes for your organic web pages, social networks, and PPC pages. Your web pages and social networks then naturally lead to opt-in pages, which in turn, eventually lead your prospects to sales pages. Sales pages do not generally rank high.Persuasionworks provides you with a Total Search Market Value. TSMV is the value of all search traffic, for one year, to a market or keyword from the organic ranked positions plus the top paid positions. TSMV helps businesses assess the most valuable markets, niches, and keywords at a glance. You can instantly compare the value of one market against another.It's very helpful for a business to create and then be guided by a Marketing Action & Budget Plan. Persuasionworks provides FREE documentation to help you create simple, easy to use Plans.This is sometimes known as a Unique Selling Proposition (USP). A business must differentiate products or services from the competition. A Positioning Statement is also crucial for keyword research.  There are many persuasion and influence advantages when corporations create "Authority Personas” to become, in effect, human figures that prospects can visualize, refer to, or look up to. This is especially useful in social media marketing and when educating prospects about products.It’s important to have a very firm idea what your website and social media are trying to achieve. There are a large number of different possibilities - your website plans and social strategy are dependent upon your online business model.  Website objectives also provide a baseline from which a business can measure progress.As a strategic document it’s always helpful to create a profile of your typical prospect. It’s much easier to sell products when marketing managers ‘picture’ their prospects in this way.The internet enables business to quickly increase profits by providing prospects with a number of products for sale. Often a prospect segmentation survey can tell what products are NOT available – but are being sought by searchers. In this case, a business can promptly create a product – such as an ebook, that the market clearly wants.After we conduct a Marketing Audit on your business website or provide a start-up Market Assessment or carry out other research, your strategy planning can go a number of ways - just follow the different arrow-paths presented.Persuasionworks provides a Competition Social Media Sub-Report that reverse engineers your competitors' social media strategies. Discover their strengths and vulnerabilities so you can devise strategies to increase your social presence.Our Search Engine Competitors Sub-Report is a part of our Competition Statement which we provide to you.A domain’s Organic Rank Value is the value over one year of ranking at #1 position for a keyword or group of keywords on both Google and Yahoo. Yearly ORV represents what you would have to pay for this traffic over one year - if it could be bought. It’s an excellent value upon which to assess competitiveness. Persuasionworks’ complex research algorithms can determine this for you.Aside from what you discover through the software, Persuasionworks can provide a Competition Statement that includes a large number of competitor elements. The statement is designed to help you make informed strategic decisions on search engine optimization and your social marketing.Persuasionworks helps you conduct a vast range of research on your competition. We conduct research to determine how your competition structures their websites, search engine optimization, and social marketing. Follow the arrows to discover what Persuasionworks can do to research your online competition.Persuasionworks' Marketing Audit looks at a large number of technical and strategic criteria. The arrows below refer to a ‘start-up’ online assessment including: a dollar value of a chosen market or niche, a market's profit potential, and we quickly uncover the best markets and niches on a range of keywords. An existing business website is audited in a different way.Upon instruction, Persuasionworks provides a diagnostic audit of your website, chosen keywords, online business objectives, and current position in the search engines and social media. We then provide a clear Action Plan for fixing all major problems. We also do Keyword Research, Prospect Segmentation, and create online marketing content. Alternatively, you can simply obtain our Cloud Software to find, segment, contact, manage, persuade, and analyze your prospects and leads.At Persuasionworks our services help you determine your online goals and Strategic Direction. Persuasionworks offers two forms of segmentation. (i) Search-to-Sales Continuum as an optional service. Through surveys and statistical analysis, we segment prospects to discover: their concerns, their language and keywords, and to identify the powerful emotional benefits that cause each segment to buy. (ii) Lead Segmentation: Manage, automate, and market separately to segments or right down to individuals.

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