SEO Copywriting:
10 Ways to Get Web Content Ideas

By James Atkinson, LLB

Web Content Ideas: Before I write any web content I try to map out questions, underlying objections, and beliefs that will hold my prospects back from eventually buying.  With this understanding, you can help shape perceptions with your content.

In other words, your content has a PURPOSE other than just try to put up content to achieve search engine ranking. The questions below are designed to give you inspiration for content. The answers should give you a snapshot of your prospects’ mindset, desires, problems, and beliefs.

The following are a rich source of content ideas:

  1. What questions do prospects have about products I am trying to sell?

  2. What objections do prospects have to buying my product?

  3. What other options are there to solve prospects’ problems?

  4. What do prospects need to believe about my product?

  5. What are their immediate goals that I can help prospects achieve?

  6. What do they believe about themselves in relation to their goals?

  7. What are their dreams for the future? 

  8. What problems, fears, and failings are keeping prospects from achieving their goals and dreams?

  9. What do they believe about their problems, fears, and failings, and how can I juxtapose this against their need to buy my product?

  10. Who are my prospects' enemies?

This question list is not exhaustive and once you get started on this type of thinking you can quickly pose your own questions to get content ideas.

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