Sales Force Automation

By James Atkinson, LLB and Sarah Jamieson

Sales Force Automation: Is it possible to create an automated sales force system? I believe that it is possible - let me show you how.

First you must determine if a market is viable. For more on market viability see: Online Market Research.)

After determining that a market is viable - ask the question: “Where’s the money in this market?”

And the answer pretty much is always: “The money’s in the backend!” It’s the backend that pays because it’s very expensive to acquire prospects and customers.

This is the model that appears to be the norm in internet marketing. And in particular it is the norm in the “internet marketing” market.  It is the preferred model of most of the ‘gurus’ and it now appears to be the current internet marketing “norm” for 'making money' online.

 And because it is the norm the model influences other marketers to copy the model.  

Direct marketers are prepared to take a loss or take a “hit” in acquiring customers in a market. They’ll pay a high customer acquisition rate on the “front end” and lose money in the hope that the cost will be recouped with a profit in the backend.

The system is 'automated' because once a prospect is captured on an email list they are sent marketing letters that contain links to an endless stream of new "Next Best Thing" sales letters. It isn't a good experience for searchers.

I show in the next article how the system works.

The model does work. I've used it myself in the past. If you are careful and very level-headed about PPC costs and back-end numbers you can make money with this model.

Many direct marketers and affiliates use this type of model. It's 'automated' in the sense that affiliates usually only market for LEADS and refer the prospect to merchants who then deal with product sales, delivery, customer relations and so on. In other words the marketer's business model is simply that of affiliate! For more on affiliate marketing see: Affiliate Marketing Training.

Before I discuss this model you should familiarize yourself with Google's Adwords policy for affiliates Adwords ads. To obtain a preliminary understanding see:

- What should I know as an affiliate advertiser?

- What is Google's affiliate auction policy?

- Why won't you show multiple ads leading to identical or similar landing pages?

This is how a direct marketing sales force automation system works...

Sales Force Automation > Direct Marketers' System >.


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