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Marketing With Google Analytics: 8 Identifying Profitable Pages

Sarah Jamieson - Tuesday, April 08, 2014


Google Analytics utilizes a metric called $ Index that uses a dollar value to indicate how much a page on your site contributes to site revenue.

The higher the dollar value, the more the page contributes to your bottom line.

The highest value is assigned to pages that are often viewed prior to high-value sales or goal conversions.

Only unique pageviews are counted. A unique pageview represents the number of actual individual visitors who viewed a given page during a particular site visit.

The $ Index is calculated using the formula:

(Revenue + Goal Value) / Unique views of page before conversion = $ Index

Here’s an example from GA of how the $ Index works:

Let’s look at how the $ Index of Page B would be calculated using this information:

  • Goal Value of Goal Page D: $10 (e.g. email list signup)

  • Revenue from Receipt Page E: $100 (sale has been made)

  • Unique pageviews for Page B: One

  • So the $ Index for Page B is: ($110) / 1 = $110.

The $ Index for Page B is $110.

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