Discover the Hidden Secrets of Your Successful Competitors!

Potentially Save $ Millions in Research & Ad Spend

Get Keyword Research That Google Does Not Give You...

Marketing Spy works on the simple premise that merchants using digital marketing will continue to advertise on keywords that create measurable profits. The longer competitors advertise on a list of keywords the more certain you’ll be those keywords are profitable.

Compare THREE competitors and you get a “force multiplier” effect. With three competitors buying overlapping keywords over a long period of time, it’s pretty close to certain they’re making money from those search terms…and you should be bidding on those keywords too.

Now you can systematically beat your competition by piggy-backing on their research, hard work, and testing. With the right Marketing Intelligence you can easily emulate, match, or modify your marketing campaigns.

Marketing Spy can analyse in ANY marketplace to superfine granularity :

  • Every single competitor,

  • Everything they do in the SEO, PPC, and Social Media,

  • Their actual budget expenditure on PPC – when, where, and how much they spend

  • The exact keywords and key phases they use

  • The actual ad content plus all changes made – not just A/B testing – but C D E F G H testing and so on. Marketing Spy data goes back six years!

After you begin your marketing campaigns, Marketing Spy continually reviews your SEO and AdWords performance so you can easily reach your targets.

You get four Competitive Intelligence "SPYs" all working for you in a seemless way:

Competitor Spy For Proven Search Terms

Start a new campaign with proven keywords - we compare three competitors to find profitable keywords!

To make it easier to understand, we sort these keywords by timeline - the longer competitors have been buying keywords, the more certain you can be those terms are profitable.

Competitor Spy also optimises existing campaigns. It eliminates double bidding so you don’t accidentally waste money buying the same keywords twice. In addition we'll find under-performing terms that ensure you never bid on them.

Keyword Spy For Ad Groups & SEO

Simply give us one or more keywords and we’ll deliver relevant related terms, based on over 22 million keywords tracked over 7 years. We find what’s profitable by eliminating what isn’t. This is the type of Keyword Research that Google does not give you!

  • Extremely powerful professional keyword research service. Take a few keyword ideas and we’ll turn them into a fully optimised list of keywords you can use in your PPC and SEO campaigns.

  • Online searchers looking for products and services such as yours usually use keywords that are different to the ones you use. Discover the real keywords your prospects are searching on.

We organise your keywords into targeted groups. High relevance means more clicks and a higher Quality Score from Google - which in turn means lower PPC costs. Use Keyword Spy in AdGroups for PPC or create optimised SEO content for free search engine ranking.

Ad Spy For Ad Copywriting

Leverage your competitors’ real-world AdWords market testing. See how they’ve improved their ad copy over time with one year of ads showing all domains who have advertised on a particular keyword. You can also view all keywords a competitor has advertised on.

Avoid pitfalls and learn from your competitors’ tweaking and testing so you can create winning ad copy. You never need to guess what ad copy works because Ad Spy delivers tried-and-tested ad copy. You'll be able to avoid low-quality keywords and discover the hot buttons that get clicks.

Ranking Spy To Monitor Progress

Ranking Spy keeps an eye on your rankings and compares you with competitors - by keyword, domain, or web page. View ranking history to see trends over time (6+ years).

You'll be able to see when search engine algorithm changes occurred and how they affected your positions.

Ranking Spy monitors your SEO keyword rankings on Google, Bing, and Yahoo - and also, with weekly reporting, ensures your PPC ads are actually being shown .

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