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Letter From Lugano

Five Top Digital Marketing Models: 3d - Wholesale PPC

James Atkinson - Monday, April 07, 2014


Wholesale PPC is relatively rare in digital marketing because Google is omnipresent at practically every turn. However, the wholesale model is one you should consider.

Today's photo is a typical scene on the Lake of Lugano.


It takes a fair bit of work to make the wholesale model function to your advantage and you have to control your numbers very carefully. However, you can probably substantially reduce your PPC costs by using this model.

Basically there are zillions of content providers online. Most, if not all, have a commercial relationship with Google and other search engines. That is, the publishers allow Google to place ads on their content pages – see yesterday’s blog.

Google never reveals how much revenue they share with the publishers. It could be around 20 to 40% but this is just conjecture on my part. And of course since the amount paid by advertisers diminishes or increases through various variables like ad position and Quality Score, it’s practically impossible to discover the percentage Google actually pays publishers.

It’s possible that the really large publishers like ‘quality’ newspapers and television stations can come to an amicable arrange with Google. I’m not aware if this is the case. In any event, the little guys like you and me –just have to accept what Google dishes out – both to publishers and advertisers!

I’m sure from this Google stranglehold you can see the possibility and benefits of “wholesale PPC”. This is what the model looks like:

There are numerous publishers who are looking to increase revenue from their content. So, rather than have a prospect click to an advertisers site via a Google ad you can make a commercial arrangement DIRECT with the publishers.

You can easily discover the COST per click that Google is demanding - I’ll explain this in another blog. So, once you know this cost for a range of keywords you can go direct to an advertiser and offer them MORE than what they are getting from Google.

And you can bet that it’s going to cost you, the advertiser, LESS than placing your ads via Google.

You need pretty good software to help you with relevant keywords, Pay-per-Click costs, and PPC management.

Persuasionworks already provides PPC management software and we can tailor that software to manage your wholesale accounts. In addition, we can also help you find appropriate publishers who may be interested in increasing their PPC revenue through the ‘wholesale’ market.

Please contact us if this model interests you.