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Businesses marketing on social media face at least four major problems:

  1. How to get a Return on Investment (ROI) from social media marketing.

  2. Corporate reputation that has taken years to build can quickly plummet when online negative commentary goes viral.

  3. Providing timely customer service. Twitter users expect a response within TWO hours and Facebook users within 24 hours, but most companies don't respond within this timeframe.

  4. Managing the vast number of social mentions such as Facebook wall comments and tweets on your marketplace, company, and competitors.

Engage enables you to manage, monitor, and market on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Engage+ is a complete social monitoring system that lets you discover virtually everything being said about your marketplace, company and competitors. The system continuously searches to discover the "total universe" of your prospects.

Engage+ identifies business contacts who are your ideal target and then provides you with intelligence about them. This allows you to laser-target your marketing campaigns.

Engage and Engage+ can be used together or separately to make social marketing, monitoring, and customer support easy and effective.

Engage Makes Social Marketing & Monitoring Easy

Easy Social Marketing

Without the right tools, it's impossible to manage the flood of social media mentions that need a response. Engage lets you gather, track, and respond to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn mentions on multiple accounts.

Defend Your Corporate Reputation

On the internet today it's vital to manage corporate reputation. Negative social comments can quickly go viral and cause long-lasting damage. Engage enables you to moinitor virtually every conversation about your company and products on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Deal with negative mentions immediately and acknowledge positive remarks.

Stress-Free Social Posts

Engage works for you 24/7 so your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn posts are posted on a schedule even while you're not at work. Engage will schedule your post to appear at the times your prospects are most likely to read them.

Engage With Prospects & Customers

Engage makes it easy to post content and interact with followers, all from ONE interface. Filter comments by influence and priority to respond to important comments first. Members of your team can also handle responses without needing to know login details.

Market Segmentation

There are many ways to segment social followers into lists on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Use segmentation to target relevant messages to different lists. Users are much more likely to share content that's useful to them with their friends.

Engage makes it easy to segment and target your messaging.


Engage's powerful analytics track and measure social response and ROI, so you always know if your campaigns are meeting their targets or need adjustments.

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Social Media ROI

Engage and Engage+ form a breakthrough marketing platform that helps businesses find the best way to engage social prospects. The cloud-based software helps you laser-target your messages so they appear in exactly the right place at the right time to be most effective.

Engage monitors Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to find conversations about your company and competitors, and identifies influential users who meet your ideal prospect criteria.

Engage+ monitors content on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, YouTube, blogs, videos, forums, and online news services to discover your “total universe” of prospects and conversations.

  • Learn what customers really think about your brand and competitors

  • Identify market trends early

  • Gain insight into how customers view your market, their pain points, the language they use to describe things, and the features and benefits they’re seeking

You can set both Engage and Engage+ to find buyers with common interests and prospects who exhibit "buying signals" that align with your product. Discover the influencers in your marketplace, the content your prospects like, and the social groups they belong to.

With this knowledge you can deliver ultra-relevant messaging to attract prospects to your social properties and then to your sales pages.

The intelligence provided by Engage and Engage+ will also help develop appropriate marketing personas to be used with your target audience. If one persona is not working in a particular campaign, use market intelligence to develop another that more closely resonates with your target audience.

Employed together with the Persuasionworks lead management CRM, Engage and Engage+ make a formidable marketing combination.

Monitoring & Reputation Management

Worried that your customers are chatting about your company's latest problems? Every corporation has its tough days, but now a single negative online review or video can quickly go viral. Social media effortlessly amplifies negative feedback.

And there's always the danger that you won't hear about it until it's far too late. The damage is done and could take years to undo. Reputation Management is crucial for every business online today.

Now you don't need to be confused or in the dark about what's happening on social media. Engage+ is a complete social monitoring system that enables you to discover practically everything that’s being said about your company and products.

Filtering relevant conversations around your brand, product or competition can be overwhelming and time-consuming without the right tools. With Engage+ you simply set up keyword streams and exclusions that quickly narrow down online conversations by topic, sentiment, influence, and priority.

Engage+ provides enterprise-level social media, search engine, news, marketplace, and corporate reputation monitoring. Easily discover:

  • All the relevant conversations taking place in your entire online marketplace

  • Everything being said about you, your business, your products, your management, and your competitors

Manage Social Marketing & Support

Nearly half of US consumers use social media to reach out directly to companies to make complaints or express satisfaction. Twitter users expect a response within TWO hours and Facebook users expect an answer within 24 hours! Replies that don't fall within these timeframes can be harmful to a company's reputation.

There are billions of messages being sent via social media, so it's easy for your messages to get lost in all the clutter. Engage+ is set and forget. The program allows you to automatically interact with incoming email alerts that have been assigned to various staff or support members.

Use Engage+ with a single login or coordinate a whole marketing or support team with multiple privilege levels. Team members can post responses without knowing the passwords to your social accounts.


Most business people try to network at every available opportunity. When you reach out and mingle with your social followers you create a thriving social community. With the right approaches, social marketing brings in prospects and paying customers.

Engage makes it easy to consistently interact with your social network by discovering the issues that are important and relevant in your marketplace. This allows you to regularly publish topics and conversations that are of interest to your social network.

Ordinarily it takes a lot of marketing to entice consumers to change brands. However, the same does not apply in social marketing. Many social users follow a company’s brands or products when they find the offering or tweets interesting. Being engaged with a following or a social community is quite different to consumer brand loyalty. That is, consumers will readily increase their social networks by looking at as much content within a particular marketplace as they can get!

This is a good opportunity to entice consumers in your direction. Your responses and content are seen not just by your customers, but also by your customers' entire network of friends. In this way you can quickly build interest in your business offerings. In a sense you are piggy-backing on all of your customers' friends and sollowers.

Sentiment Analysis + Discover Top Influencers

Engage & Engage+ allow you to go behind the conversations to discover the top influencers top influencers and most active users who can then drive awareness of your brand, company, or product.

It's then much easier to cultivate and focus relationship building on your segmented high value followers. You can build lists of say Twitter followers and then target them in your social marketing campaigns. For example, you can engage influencers through Tweets, content or products that are useful for them or their followers.

Manage The Vast Social Outpouring of Content

Engage+ scrutinizes ten million plus conversations happening on sites and such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, YouTube, blogs, videos, forums, and online news services. Powerful filtering provides the fast, accurate, and relevant monitoring that all businesses require in the internet age.

Without the right tools, it's impossible to manage the flood of social media mentions that need a response. Engage lets you gather, track, and respond to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn mentions on multiple accounts.


Engage & Engage+ employ great analytic insights to help you make quick marketing and campaign decisions. Quickly see 'velocity change', 'share of voice' and the numbers of new results - instantly know what's 'buzzing' about your company and brand.

Data from both programs is easily exportable for further analysis or presentation at meetings - you have full data control with RSS/XML feeds, email alerts or easy Excel exporting.

How to Get Persuasion Engage!

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