eMail Marketing

Persuasionworks' state-of-the-art eMail Marketer was developed so you get great marketing results - no matter what your level of experience.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

eMail Marketer is integrated with the CRM so you can easily create targeted email lists and implement personalized email marketing campaigns with just a few clicks.

You can create an unlimited number of campaigns and send as many emails or newsletters as you like. Your account includes 10,000 emails per month. Easily send as many as required - extra emails cost less than 1c per newsletter.

It's super easy to automate a series of emails or newsletters that you can send over a matter of days or months. These can be based upon an optin or subscription date and of course you can send out emails on particular day's - such as a customer's birthday.

Gain individual insights into high-value users - see complete individual subscription histories with actions they’ve taken, including links clicked, campaigns opened, and social media activities.

See the software in action with our eMail Marketing videos ...

Subscriber Segmentation

CRM integration allows you target messages to specific groups:

  • Identify your most profitable customers - build your business around “hyper-responsives” and ensure they get VIP treatment.

  • Turn your most socially active subscribers into brand evangelists with incentives and information.

  • Get inactive users purchasing again with special offers.
  • Define autoresponders based on user actions, such as subscribing, purchasing, clicking a specific link, or "Liking" you on Facebook.
  • Automatically create emails from your blog’s RSS feeds - subscribers will always know about new content.

Powerful Social Media Features

The CRM allows you to track and email your users’ on social activities such as likes, shares, and comments. Trigger an autoresponder when they take an action such as posting on your Twitter account or Liking you on Facebook.

You can add social icons to your emails so users can share your content in their social networks. Automate your email marketing with a distinct social twist.

Create Engaging eMails

Easily design customize emails that match your branding and goals - or use one of our professionally designed templates.

Choose from a wide range of email templates, and simply add your content. The campaign creation wizard lets you create simple or complex campaigns with ease.

Filter analysis increases deliverability. If changes are needed, our report shows you exactly what to do.

Actionable Analytics for Improved Results

Persuasionworks eMail Marketer provides in-depth analytics to help you analyze your contacts and campaigns.

  • Split testing: Discover which version of an email gets a better response

  • Read / Open Tracking: Find out how many subscribers are opening your email campaign. You can even view which individual subscribers viewed the campaign, how many times they opened it, and the date / time they viewed your campaign.

  • Sales revenue generated from each email: Get the bottom line at a glance!

  • Link Tracking: Link tracking lets you know who clicks on each link, how many times they clicked, and the date / time.

The Persuasionworks eMail Marketer is CAN-SPAM compliant. Ensure you stay within the law.