Consumer Psychology:

The Goal of ALL Marketing

By James Atkinson, LLB

Consumer Psychology - The Goal of ALL Marketing: If you think about what I’ve stated above, emotional benefits are simply positive self-esteem supporting statements that prospects can make about themselves because they use a product or brand.

That is, buyers buy because the products and services they purchase enhance their (the buyer’s) sense of self-esteem or self-concept.

Emotional benefits are the enhancement of self-concept that buying a brand or product provides. As Dr. Livingston (see head article for reference) says:

“We seek out these brands with their USPs, features and functional benefits because we like the way they make us feel and what they allow us to communicate about ourselves.”

In other words - people buy products to gain emotional benefits.

Every purchase is driven by the desire to obtain an emotional payoff – even purchases that may seem completely rational and feature-driven:

Goal of ALL Marketing

Emotional benefits are simply positive statements customers can make about themselves because they use a product or brand (the process is usually unconscious).

Emotional benefits are easier to remember as simply “I am” statements such as those outlined above. Emotional benefits powerfully support or enhance consumers’ self-concept. This is precisely why they are so important.

As marketers, we want a means by which we can link our products to consumers’ lasting self-concepts.

We want a lifetime relationship with customers and that is only possible if we understand the core concepts that are important to customers in defining their identities.

A brand becomes a collection of positive statements customers can make to support their self-concept due to their attachment to a product’s features and marketing.

The more you know about the emotional benefits that drive your market, the more you are able to get prospects’ attention, increase sales, retain customers, and beat your competition.

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