The Persuasionworks Analytics system offers seamless tracking throughout your marketing, sales, and business process.


Leads generated by your marketing campaigns are tracked as prospects work their way through your sales pipeline.

The system reports what you earned from each lead and campaign so you instantly know your ROI. It’s critical to know which marketing campaigns are working and which aren’t.

Marketing Automation allows you to see at a glance which campaigns are profitable and which need tweaking. The CRM tracks and tests to ensure each campaign is optimized to the fullest.

It's also easy to add custom fields and formulas to create your own report metrics.

Once you identify the characteristics of high-conversion leads, you can tailor your marketing to produce more high-value customers.

Customize the leads data to ensure you capture all the relevant market segment information you need. Use this information to target your marketing more effectively to generate more profitable leads.

Content Management System

Sites like Amazon take testing seriously and constantly make small tweaks because they know these kinds of small changes can produce big results.

Don’t pay a web designer every time you have an idea to test - the Persuasionworks CMS help you take control of your website performance.

The CMS is integrated with Google Analytics so you can easily add sophisticated FREE website tracking and analytics to your site. You can integrate any analytics system to Persuasionworks

Learn where your visitors are coming from, what they’re doing on your site, your conversion rate, the pages visitors commonly enter and leave your site from, and much more.


Persuasionworks PPC Bid Manager takes the hassle out of endlessly tinkering with your PPC account. The system manages PPC advertising to maximize return on investment and minimize ad spend.

The system offers a range of metrics-based bidding options:

  • Analytics-based

  • Budget-based

  • Rank-based

  • Conversion-based

  • Keyword ROI bidding

Ad Evaluation

Persuasionworks helps to evaluate the best-performing ad copy for you:

  • Automatic ad assessment based on click-through and conversion rates

  • Automatic suspension of the worst-performing ad in an AdGroup

  • Advanced ad copy management tools suggest ad improvements

  • Color-coded ad copy performance lets you see at a glance where ads are above or below campaign averages.

Performance Monitoring

Our advanced performance monitoring goes beyond bidding strategies with email alerts to ensure you'll know when something needs attention (or let us receive and act on alerts for you):

  • Performance trend alerts when specified number of clicks, cost per click, number of conversions, cost per conversion, spending, or average position are met

  • Choose alerts based on daily or weekly campaign performance

  • Account alerts provide a performance overview

  • Campaign-level alerts pinpoint where changes are happening.


  • Daily trend graphs with comparison to performance in the last seven days or the last four weeks, including number of clicks, cost per click, and number of conversions

  • Weekly trend graphs with comparison to last 12 weeks' performance, including number of clicks, cost per click, and number of conversions

  • Trend graphs at account and campaign level

  • Account summary reports

  • Keyword detail reports

  • Performance comparison of current month vs. previous month

Social Login

Persuasionworks Social Login automatically gathers rich, permission-based social user data from social networks,  including social profile, demographics, online activities, interests, and friends.

Access a valuable 360-degree picture of your audience from their social data.

Using social analytics, you’ll discover how users interact with your site, including sharing your content with their friends, and writing reviews and comments.

Activities on your site are captured automatically. Discover how individuals engage with your site, including sharing, commenting, and reviewing. You’ll learn how well your social engagement strategies are working with different user segments.

Activity capture also allows you to identify, engage with, and incentivize social influencers with large numbers of friends and high activity levels.

Detailed user information can be applied to your business CRM, email marketing, product and content recommendations.

Segment users to make your marketing more effective.

eMail Marketer

Sophisticated subscriber segmentation allows you to target messages to specific groups - for example, by product purchased, date of last purchase, location, gender, or buying stage. Here are a few powerful ways you can use segmentation:

  • Identify your most profitable customers - build your business around “hyper-responsives” and ensure they get VIP treatment.

  • Turn your most socially active subscribers into brand evangelists with incentives and information.

  • Get inactive users purchasing again with special offers.

Gain individual insights into high-value users - see complete individual subscription histories with actions they’ve taken, including links clicked, campaigns opened, social media activities.

Social segmentation is email marketing with a social twist. after sending a campaign, you will have access to a wealth of social activity data. Segment future campaigns based on that data. Segment lists by social actions such as Likes, shares, and comments. Track your users’ social activity with full reporting.

Persuasionworks eMail Marketer provides in-depth analytics to help you analyze your contacts and campaigns:

  • Split testing: Discover which version of an email gets a better response

  • Read / Open Tracking: Find out how many subscribers are opening your email campaign. You can even view which individual subscribers viewed the campaign, how many times they opened it, and the date / time they viewed your campaign.

  • Sales revenue generated from each email: Get the bottom line at a glance!

  • Link Tracking: Link tracking lets you know who clicks on each link, how many times they clicked, and the date / time.

  • Unsubscribes: View unsubscribes from a specific campaign along with the reason they unsubscribed - if a reason is given.

  • Trend Reporting: Our "Opens by time/day trend" Report lets you can see the day and time that gets the most eMail opens.


The Cart tracks every aspect of your cart and presents this information in easy to understand charts.

It's fully integrated with Google Analytics and Google AdWords, and gives you a complete analysis of every action performed on your site. Use conversion tracking to see which sites provide visitors that are converted into sales.

You may also use it in conjunction with Google Adwords to understand which advertising programs are working best for your store and which programs may require adjustments.