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Make Money As a Super Affiliate, Reseller, or Consultant...

Do you have a Web Business? Do you run an Online Consultancy? Our large pool of clients need design, marketing, PR and programming expertise to run and market their websites.

Our independent consultants deal direct with their customers or provide services via our billing system.

There are number of ways this can work:

  1. Register with Odesk.com and after agreeing on a price you bill us for work performed.  We would pay you, then bill our clients for your work as a verifiable disbursement. With this structure you would pay a small commission to Odesk.com.

  2. We conduct marketing in a particular area of need - for example, businesses looking for increased leads and sales. We would settle on an agreed price for your work and we would then incorporate your costs into our client's bill. In this model you, as a marketer, would be acting as a consultant under the Persuasionworks banner.  

  3. You conduct marketing for your clients - we can help you do this. On top of your programming expertise, you offer your customers enhanced business and social marketing software plus SEO, Lead Generation, and Social Marketing  services. The customer remains yours and Persuasionworks is engaged as software and online marketing experts.

  4. We charge you a wholesale rate for our software and services and you then bill your clients at a price you determine. This is a month to month model. You only buy our software or services AFTER your clients have paid you. We never expect you to buy any forward inventory. If your client stops paying, you advise us and we'll simply stop billing you. This is a so-called "White Label Agency" or "Rebranded" software and services model.

  5. You can also sell our software and services as a Persuasionworks affiliate. We support you in a number of ways. Please contact us via the form below.

We are happy to work with you to find the most suitable business structure.


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