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PPC is one of the best ways for affiliates to market. However, one of the biggest affiliate problems is "keywords". Most merchants simply provide a list of keywords but when a group of affiliates uses that list it just boosts up PPC price.

At Persuasionworks we've solved that problem! We will do your Keyword Research for you - without charge. The features of Persuasionworks are so numerous that there are millions upon millions of keywords you can use to market. See our Keyword Research page.

Super Affiliate Marketer

To make it easy for you to market we have created a special account we call Super Affiliate Marketer. It's a full featured varient of Persuasionworks business and marketing software. Please click Super Affiliate Marketer to see whats included.

We believe once you use your Super Affiliate Marketer you'll WANT to sell Persuasionworks to as many people as you can.

In addition, the PPC Manager component of Super Affiliate Marketer will help you get the best return on your PPC marketing.

Want to boost up your SEO rankings? Use the SEO Advisor.

Want to manage all your social media marketing? Use the Social Media software!

Super Affiliate Marketer is designed so you can run your affiliate marketing AS a business - the best way to quickly become a super affiliate earning a super income!

The account includes:

There is simply not an affiliate marketer like this in the marketplace!

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Tracking & Reporting

Our Affiliate Program uses the same State-of -the-Art affiliate software we provide to our Persuasionworks customers. You get your own secure login page to our Affiliate Program plus ultra reliable tracking and advanced reporting.

There's no risk when you sell Persuasionworks. It's FREE to participate and you can stop anytime you like.

To learn how affiliate programs work please click the link.

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