eMail Marketing Tips and Best Practices:

Getting The Opt-in

By James Atkinson, LLB

eMail Marketing Tips: Getting The Opt-in: The best way to get people to opt-in to your email list is to offer prospects something related to their perceived need or search. The freebie must relate to your main product in some way.

For opt-ins it’s best if it’s FREE - but, a note about free is in order. If you have prepared an eBook or white paper or other publication, it’s helpful to place a VALUE on that publication – so that you don’t say it’s FREE – but has a value of say $19.

When you think about it – all publications cost money to produce – and so placing a value on it is reasonable. You can then let your prospect download in two ways. You can get the email address before the download is allowed or you can let your prospects DOWNLOAD – obligation free – that is, without requiring an email address in return.

In the latter your help to the prospect is seen as unconditional and with no-strings attached!

Assuming your publication is of good quality, this immediately sets up the favor reciprocation principle. Make it obligation free for a certain period – and this will also set up the scarcity principle. For more on persuasion see: Persuasion Psychology and in particular the articles on Reciprocation and Scarcity.

Or you may also invoke a further persuasion principle by counting the free downloads that you obtain – then publishing the download numbers on your opt-in page. I suggest you do this AFTER you obtain a large number of downloads. This sets up social influence process which works on the principle that we decide what to do and how to behave by looking at what other people are doing.

So, when DO you get the eMail address?

if you opt for the latter strategy you can place an email op-in INTO your obligation free publication. After a prospect begins to trust you they are much more likely to give you their address.

These are all matters for testing. The above suggestion depends upon your marketplace. If you are not getting sufficient opt-ins from your freely obtained publication – that is, without requiring an email address opt-in - then of course change your system.

Try as many of the persuasion principles as you can – to obtain the email address – then you can begin your eMail marketing program.

You’ll also need to write great follow-up email content and put it in an autoresponder that will deliver automatically to your chosen schedule.

Basically your email list is a way to deepen your relationship with list members.

Offer great content that educates and entertains while helping to solve prospects’ problems. This method is best when you obtain op-ins from your educative content or from the Display Network on Google Adwords – where clicks cost very much less than on the Search Network.

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